The Wellness Consortium / Lighten Up Calloway participates in campaigns and challenges as a part of our strategic plan. The goal of the challenges is to increase knowledge about physical activity and nutritional choices. 



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Each challenge is easy to join! They are all designed to fit into your life the easiest way possible.  Through your workplace, school, church or organization you have access to joining and creating a healthier lifestyle today! 

For more information about how to join contact Amy Ferguson at 270.753.3381.

Take the Challenge!

Stand Up and Move

Join us July 1, 2019 for a community-wide health challenge to educate the
public on the harmful effects of too much leisure time spent sitting and encouraging alternative options.  Lighten Up Calloway is asking employers, hospitals, health care institutions, schools, churches, non-profit organizations etc. to host a Stand Up & Move challenge and help Lighten Up Calloway.

Over 200 Murray students took the pledge to Stand Up and Move this summer!
You can, too!   Take the challenge to move more and sit less! 

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Into the 2017 Murray Half Marathon

Unplug and Move!

Step Away From the Screen and Into the Scene

On October 16, 2017, the Murray Calloway County Wellness Consortium/Lighten Up Calloway launched a community-wide health challenge to educate the community on the harmful effects of too much screen time, while encouraging alternative options.

Lighten Up Calloway asked employers, hospitals, health care institutions, schools, churches, non-profit organizations etc. to host an Unplug & Move challenge and help Lighten Up Calloway.



Into the 2017 Murray Half Marathon

February 13 - April 21, 2017  

Keep Moving Calloway was a 10-week Corporate Challenge designed to prepare and encourage employees to increase their physical activity level in a safe and effective manner.  Participants submitted weekly results online.

Participants were encouraged to celebrate the completion of this challenge by participating in the Murray Half Marathon, 5k or Relay Event held on Saturday, April 21, 2017.  The goal of this campaign was not to magically transform all participants into half-marathon finishers. We believe that the victory is in crossing the finish line, no matter the distance.




Held in October of 2016, Get Moving Calloway was a physical activity challenge designed to get Calloway County Moving!  Participants tracked the daily minutes of physical activity and tallied the number of minutes each week to determine their rank.  


The goal of this challenge was to increase physical activity ranking by one level by the end of the challenge. 



Rethink Your Drink was a challenge designed to encourage Calloway County to start thinking about the amount of sugar consumed each day in beverages.  This challenge encouraged participants to decrease high-sugar ("red") drink consumption by half by the end of the challange.  This challenge was successful in decreasing the amount of sugar consumed by a collective 102 pounds over the course of the 4 week challenge.

Success Stories

Murray-Calloway County Hospital (MCCH) employee, Malissa Suiter, started the Rethink Your Drink Challenge after receiving an email announcing the opportunity and explaining how much sugar she was consuming in sodas and juices throughout the day.  Click here to read the full story.

Do you have your own succes story to share?  Contact Us!