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Murray-Calloway County Wellness Consortium / Lighten Up Calloway

Promoting healthy lifestyles in Murray and Calloway County
through education, empowerment, opportunity, and leadership.

During a 2013 survey of Calloway County conducted by the Murray-Calloway County Hospital and the Calloway County Health Department, two major health problems were identified among members of the community:  Substance Abuse and Obesity.  At that time, resources were available to help address the issues of substance abuse through the Calloway County Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (CC-ASAP).  However, it was determined that citizens of the area did not have the necessary resources to help solve the problem of obesity.  


In response to this need, the Murray-Calloway Wellness Consortium / Lighten Up Calloway was formed.  Lighten Up Calloway is a community initiative that falls under the Murray-Calloway County Wellness Consortium and is designed to help provide activities and programs that teach citizens how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Both Lighten Up Calloway and CC-ASAP are a part of the Murray-Calloway County Wellness Consortium. The Consortium and both workgroups are made up of corporate agencies, non-profit organizations, faith based organizations, city and county school systems, Medicaid providers and concerned citizens of Murray and Calloway County who want to change our culture to change our future.


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2000 - 2010:  Fit Youth Team

Youth in local school systems who were being screened by school nurses for BMI were targeted.  At this time the Calloway County Health Department was under the umbrella of Purchase District Health Department.

2010 - 2011:  Murray in Motion

The name was changed to reflect the inclusion of all citizens with a tag line of "A Way of Life".  Mission statement was created.  This is an ongoing campaign to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles in Murray and Calloway County, providing resources that occur in, or are available in Murray-Calloway County.  Examples include Longest Day of Play, Second Sunday and Senior Games.


2011:  Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan

Calloway County Health Department became an independent health department and received a grant to fund the process of completing the Community Health Assessment and the Community Health Improvement Plan.

July 2012:  Formation of the Murray-Calloway County Wellness Consortium

Vision:  To maximize the health and wellness of the citizens of Murrray-Calloway County

Mission:  The Murray-Calloway County Wellness Consortium strives to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Calloway County by coordinating the services of community organizations and executing a county-wide sustainable strategy that results in a long-term tangible impact on the health of our community.

2013:  Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan

Based on survey information, obesity and substance abuse were identified as the top two health issues.  A five year health improvement plan was developed with the following goals: 

1.  Encourage physically active lifestyles

2.  Encourage healthy nutrition choices

3.  Encourage tobacco / smoke free living

4.  Reduce substance abuse

Objectives are based on "Healthy Kentuckians 2020" announced by Governor Steve Beshear.  The CHA / CHP can be viewed on or

Health Coalitions

Two coalitions were needed to facilitate the strategies aimed at reducing obesity and substance abuse.  CC-ASAP had been in existence for over 12 years and the Obesity Workgroup was formed to replace Murray in Motion (no longer holding meetings).  Branding was needed to promote the workgroup, resulting in "Lighten Up Calloway".

Health Coalitions in Murray-Calloway County

Our Timeline
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